Thoughts for Upcoming Discussion Topics

        Compassion Fatigue ~ Outrage Fatigue

          Rudolph Steiner and the Gift of Anthroposophy

          Art and Dance ~ Forms of Prayer

          Understanding the Abrahamic faiths

          Can we blend spiritual beliefs with current world affairs
                without dismissing either as merely a matter of
                consciousness? Or is it a matter of consciousness?

          Why can’t adults be more like kids?
                Sheer fun vs. Responsibility ~ Can we have both?

          Ancient Wisdom ~ Mystical Thought

          Understanding Radicalism ~ Religious and Secular

          The Acumen Fund ~ Patient Capitalism

          Tithing, Giving, Greed, and Guilt

          Suicide ~ An Illegal Life Decision

Favorite Books

        Anam Cara ~ A Book of Celtic Wisdom
John O’Donohue

       You Don’t Have To Be Wrong
                             For Me To Be Right
Brad Hirschfield

        In Tune with the Infinite

Ralph Waldo Trine

        Einstein’s God

Krista Tippet

        On Being
Krista Tippet

        The Holmes Papers 

            The Philosophy of Ernest Holmes
            The Anatomy of Healing Power

            Ideas of Power


There is a peace at the center of your being; a peace that can be felt throughout the day ~ and in the evening, when you have turned from your labor and the first star shines in the soft light of the sky, it moves over the Earth, quietly, tenderly, as a mother watches over her child.

- Ernest Holmes